Manuscript Processing

  1. After receiving the manuscripts, the editorial board decides whether the manuscripts should be submitted for review or not.
  2. Once manuscripts are submitted for review, each editorial board member should nominate a list of reviewers. Then the executive editor decides the sequence and invite two reviewers. As a general rule, reviewers who were more editorial board members nominated will be in the priority consideration. We exclude any possible nominees who may obstruct fairness during the review process.
  3. The editorial board members nominate reviewers anonymously.
  4. Both reviewers and authors are anonymous during the review process
  5. There are four kinds of review comments: (1) highly recommended, (2) minor revision, (3) major revision, (4) not recommended.
  6. In general, if two comments are (1.1), (1.2) or (2.2), the manuscript will be accepted; if they are (1.3), (2.3) or (3.3), the manuscript will be returned to the author for revising and resubmitting, and it will be sent to the third reviewer if necessary; if they are (1.4) (2.4) or (3.4), the manuscript will go through a third review; if they are (4.4), the manuscript will be rejected.
  7. The editorial board has the ultimate authority on deciding whether or not to accept the manuscript refer to review comments.