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Su-Feng Cheng, Assistant Research fellow of Election Study Center, National Chengchi University.
Lu-Huei Chen, Assistant Research fellow of Election Study Center, National Chengchi University.
Attitudes on Survey Participation and Its Change in Taiwan: 1986-1998 (in Chinese) Download
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In Taiwan, researchers and scholars widely use survey data to conduct research analysis, construct theories, and test hypotheses. However, problems came from process of data collection seldom been noticed. From the perspective of survey research methodology, this paper examined people's attitudes on survey participation in Taiwan between 1986 and 1998. This research showed that, in Taiwan, people became less likely to participate in survey interview even political environment became more democratic and open in the last decade. Among people who did not participate in survey, one quarter of them can not be reached by interviewers, and one out off our can be reached but refused to participate in survey. Worthy to be noticed is that the ratio of” refuse to be interviewed ”increased gradually. Compared with survey topic on ”election studies”, survey topic on ”relation between Taiwan and Mainland China” received higher refusal rate. This paper indicated that the response rate of sensitive questions was influenced by respondents' demographic background and level of information they had. Men, youths, mainlanders, high-educated,and party identifiers were more likely to answer the sensitive question-whom did you vote for-in this research. Type of elections also played a role on response rate. In the survey on presidential election and gubernatorial/mayoral election, non-response rates on reporting preferential candidates were lower than non-response rates in legislative elections. Therefore,the difference of electoral system between single member district and SNTV might affect non-response rates. Several methodological suggestions are also presented for future survey participation research.