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Su-Feng Cheng, assistant research fellow at Election Study Center, National Chengchi University, Taiwan.
The Types of Interviewer-related Error in Political Survey (in Chinese) Download
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Interviewer behaviors and procedures are most effective in producing a consistent data collection process in survey. The success of survey relies mostly on interviewers to execute the interviews correctly. Therefore, reducing the interviewer effect is an important issue in survey research. Flower and Mangione believe that ”Standardize survey interviewing” is one of the methods to reduce interviewer effect. In real settings, we cannot make interviewer behavior the same in every way, our critical task is to identify solutions to minimize the difference between interviewers that actually affect answers. To achieve the purpose of minimizing interviewer effect, this paper focuses on discovering the interviewer-related error in surveys and sorting the error types systematically. By realizing the types of interviewer-related errors, we propose some solutions to reduce and prevent the frequently errors.