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Ding-ming Wang, Associate professor at Department of Political Science in National Taiwan University.
Hsuan-ying Hou, Master degree at Graduate Institute of Political Economy in National Cheng Kung University
The Campaign Contributions in U.S. Congress Elections: A Tobit Analysis of Political Action Committees (in Chinese) Download
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Interest groups in the democracy have been playing an important role in policy making. The most influential way to impact the public policy and law making is lobbying the congress. Of all different tactics of lobbying, money donation, especially the campaign contribution, is recognized the most effective approach. Because of the changes in campaign techniques and process since 1950's, it requires more money to support the campaign expenditures. Candidates therefore rely intensely on the donations from their supporters and interest groups. Based on the importance of campaign donations, this paper focuses on how Congressmen candidates attract money from different Political Action Committee (PAC). In particular, we explore the influence of candidates' party affiliation, ideology, committee setting, seniority, gender, race and age. Since PAC's contribution is characterized as the censored data, we use Tobit model for the analysis.